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Global Immigration Consulting are Partner Visa Experts boasting a 100%
success rate with 820 and 801 partner visas  since 2008 (over 15 years). Your is a division of Global Immigration Consulting. We have assisted clients from a multitude of countries with an evolving strategic approach that is responsive to legislative changes and shifts in the immigration department’s policy. We design an approach for success with 300 Prospective Marriage Visas , 309 & 820 partner visas and Permanent Partner Visas 100 & 801. Our experience is the secret to our success.

Partner Visas

Partner Visas are the mechanism for Australians to ensure that they can build a life and future, In Australia, with their overseas partner. In over 15 years of practice we have secured partner visas for applicants from across the globe from Ireland to England to Thailand to Peru to Vietnam to Mauritius to Switzerland to USA to South Africa to Fiji to Poland and so on. Some 25 + Countries. Global Immigration Consulting is a tried and tested specialist practice in partner visa applications. We have developed a strategic approach that compliance with the current legislative requirements as well as addresses the volumes of policy directives that complicate what many would assume is a simple process.

Who can apply for a partner visa?

Persons that are in a genuine and continuing relationship with an Australian  Citizen or Permanent Resident or Eligible New Zealand Citizens can seek to apply for an Australian Partner Visa. The relationship can be as a:

  • Fiancé’ (Prospective Marriage 300 Visa) (inclusive of same sex couples)
  • A de-facto partner (inclusive of same sex couples) (309 Visa/820 Visa)
  • Married Couples (309 Visa/820 Visa)(inclusive of same sex couples)

Generally, you will need to demonstrate that you are in a genuine and continuing relationship. The immigration department will focus on 4 key areas:

  • The financial aspects of your relationship (inclusive of the pooling of financial resources and the presence of joint liabilities)
  • The social aspects of your relationship
  • The nature of your commitment to each other
  • The nature of your household
Where and When can you apply for a partner visa?

Partner visa applications can be made inside or outside Australia, depending on the visa applicant’s status and circumstances. Whether an application can be made whilst the applicant is in Australia will be determined by the visa applicant’s current visa status and whether they are subject to condition 8503 or other prohibiting factors.  The 300 Fiancé Visa and 309 Partner Visa must be applied for outside Australia. The 820 Partner Visa must be applied for in Australia, however you must hold a substantive visa at the time of application or seek a schedule 3 waiver if you do not hold a substantive visa at the time of application. The visa application must be made online via an immi account unless permission and consent has been granted to  lodge a paper form using forms 47SP and Form 40 SP.

What does a partner visa allow you to do?

Persons granted a 300 Prospective Marriage Visa will be granted a visa for a period of 9 months. The holder of a 300 Prospective Marriage Visa will be allowed to travel to, live work and study in Australia for a period of 9 months (from the time of grant).  A 300 Prospective Marriage Visa holders must marry their partner within the validity period of their 300 Visa and must make an application for an 820 visa within the validity period of their Prospective Marriage visa. A 300 Visa holders will not be provided a Medicare card until they have provided evidence of having applied for the 820 Partner Visa or demonstrated that they have reciprocal health rights. Persons granted a 309/820 Partner Visa will be granted a provisional visa. They will have the right to work, study and have access to Medicare.

What Happens to my Provisional Partner Visa and When do I get Permanent

Two years from the time you applied for the 309 or 820 Visa, immigration will begin processing the permanent aspect of your partner visa application. An application for a  309 visa is in fact a combined application for a 309 and a 100 visa at the same time and place. This is also the case for a 820 visa – being a combined application for an 820 and 801 visa applications at the same time and place. After the 2 year wait out period,  The department will request the completion of what is easiest to describe as a permanent 100 or 801 visa process. This process will again require that you provide comprehensive detail to the department, along with key comprehensive evidences to demonstrate that in the period of time since having lodged your 309 or 820 Partner visa; you have remained in, and continue to be in a genuine spousal relationship.

Long Term Relationships and Exemption to the 2 Year wait out period

Persons in “long term relationships” at the time of application may be granted provisional and permanent partner visas without waiting out the  2 year period. Contact us for an assessment of your personal circumstances.

What does it Cost?

The immigration Department charges a base fee of $8850.00 for each unconnected 300, 309 and 820 partner visa applications. If you are the holder of a 300 visa and are applying for an 820 visa the fee is $1475. If you are including a child under 18 to a 300,820 or 309 visa application an additional fee of $2215.00 is charged by the department per child. If you are the holder of a 300 visa ( as a child under 18) and are included in a subsequent 820 visa application the fee is $365.00 per child under 18.  If you are including a dependent adult child to an unconnected  820 or a 309 visa application  you will be charged an additional Fee of $4430.00 per adult child. If you are unsure, contact us and we will assist  you in understanding the departments VAC table. The information above does not substitute current pricing published on the Department’s website, the Departments website should be your primary source for correct and accurate pricing.

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