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A partner visa refusal can be a traumatic and expensive experience. It can impact on the lives of applicants, sponsors and family members. The best protection against a partner visa refusal is to prepare a comprehensive and complete partner visa application that addresses the visa criteria and the policy that guides departmental decision makers. In 15 years of practice we have seen numerous DYI partner visa refusals and the majority are not grossly unfair decisions made by departmental decision makers. In our experience, the majority of partner visa refusals are due to mistakes, poorly prepared applications and a lack of knowledge in relation to the partner visa criteria and of policy guidelines. Particularly what evidences demonstrate the genuine nature of the relationship and evidence the 4 Pillars.

The good news is, a partner visa refusal can be appealed if an appeal is lodged to the AAT (Administrative Appeals Tribunal) within the relevant time frame. If you are dealing with a partner visa refusal for a sub-class 300,309,820,100,801 visa we can assist you in:

  • Comprehensively assessing your refusal “decision record”
  • Identifying and explaining to you the “grounds of refusal”
  • Providing a frank and genuine appraisal of the merits of an appeal to the AAT and the lilkelihood of achieving a positive outcome
  • Crafting a compelling supporting submission
  • Preparing and lodging an appeal to the AAT on your behalf At GIC we will only lodge an application to the AAT where we believe you have a strong case. A case, that in our view, will result in a positive outcome.

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